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Many have compared my work to a kaleidoscope image frozen in time.  All of the feathers used in my designs come from pheasants and most come from wild ring-neck pheasants.  From time to time I acquire pen-raised birds which are a different species of pheasant and have colors unlike those found on the ring-neck bird.


Each design starts by carefully selecting and laying out the feathers in the desired pattern prior to attaching them.  Each bird contains thousands of feathers; however, each particular color and shape has only three to twelve feathers that appear to be exactly the same.  Thus in a design where uniformity exists, variations must be carefully considered—in other words, my Pheather artwork takes a great deal of patience and time.  Yet the ring-neck pheasant offers a truly unlimited palette for my Pheathers artistry.


I do not alter the feathers in any way so this makes each one unique.  So unique, that although I can usually develop another image similar to one shown, it is impossible to duplicate.  The art is encased in high quality 8x10 shadow box frames that allow for dimension in the design and background.  The frames come ready to be hung on the wall.


Close to my signature you will see one lone plume similar to ones used in the design which represents…One Feather Out of Many.


Consider Pheathers Artwork:

        For your home or office

               On a wall or on an easel for placement choice

               As a grouping of several pieces

        For a special occasion gift

        For your business

--Commissioned work accepted—

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